AK9 (Adenylate Kinase 9): Adenylate Kinase 9, also known as AK9, is a member of the adenylate kinase family, which catalyzes the reversible transfer of phosphate groups between adenine nucleotides, primarily ATP and AMP. AK9 specifically localizes to the mitochondria, where it plays a crucial role in energy metabolism and nucleotide homeostasis. By facilitating the interconversion of ATP and AMP, AK9 contributes to the regulation of cellular energy levels and the maintenance of adenine nucleotide balance. This enzyme is implicated in various cellular processes, including mitochondrial biogenesis, apoptosis, and stress response pathways. Dysregulation of AK9 has been linked to metabolic disorders, neurodegenerative diseases, and cancer, underscoring its significance in cellular physiology and pathology. Understanding the role of AK9 in mitochondrial function and nucleotide metabolism holds promise for developing targeted therapies for diseases associated with mitochondrial dysfunction and energy imbalance.


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