Barium is a soft, silvery metal used in various industries, including manufacturing and medical diagnostics. While barium sulfate in medical imaging is safe, exposure to soluble barium compounds can be harmful, affecting the heart, causing muscle weakness, and damaging the kidneys and liver. Industrial workers and individuals near barium processing plants are at increased risk of exposure through inhalation or water contamination....


What are the main health risks of barium exposure?

Soluble barium compounds can adversely affect the heart, and cause muscle weakness, kidney, and liver damage upon significant exposure.

How does barium exposure happen?

People can encounter barium through industrial emissions, contaminated drinking water, or improperly handled barium compounds in workplaces.

Who is most at risk for barium toxicity?

Industrial workers handling barium compounds and communities near barium processing facilities face the highest exposure risks.

How can exposure to barium be reduced?

Using protective gear in industrial settings and ensuring water safety measures can significantly reduce the risk of barium exposure.

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