COLEC12 (Collectin sub-family member 12): COLEC12, a member of the collectin family, plays a pivotal role in innate immunity and host defense against pathogens. This protein is involved in the recognition and clearance of microbial pathogens through its ability to bind to specific carbohydrate patterns present on the surface of pathogens. COLEC12 is particularly important in the clearance of pathogens via the lectin pathway of the complement system, contributing to the activation of the immune response and the elimination of infectious agents. Furthermore, COLEC12 has been implicated in modulating inflammatory responses and tissue remodeling processes. Dysregulation of COLEC12 expression or function has been associated with susceptibility to infectious diseases and inflammatory disorders. Understanding the precise mechanisms underlying COLEC12-mediated immune responses holds promise for developing novel strategies for the treatment and prevention of infectious and inflammatory conditions.


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