GNG11 (G Protein Subunit Gamma 11): GNG11 is a component of heterotrimeric G proteins, which play a pivotal role in intracellular signaling pathways initiated by G protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs). Specifically, GNG11 is a gamma subunit, involved in the modulation of signal transduction across cell membranes, affecting a wide range of physiological processes including sensory perception, immune responses, and cell growth. Its role is critical in the transmission of signals from the extracellular environment to the cell's interior, leading to cellular responses. The precise function of GNG11 involves its interaction with the beta subunit of the G protein to form a functional dimer, which then associates with alpha subunits in response to receptor activation. Dysregulation or mutations in GNG11 have been linked to various diseases, including cardiovascular disorders and cancer, underlining its importance in maintaining cellular homeostasis and signaling fidelity. GNG11's involvement in key signaling pathways makes it a potential target for therapeutic intervention in conditions where aberrant G protein signaling is implicated.


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