GTPBP10 (GTP-binding protein 10): GTPBP10 is a protein involved in the regulation of cellular processes through its interaction with guanine nucleotides. This protein belongs to the GTP-binding protein family, which encompasses a diverse group of proteins that play essential roles in signal transduction, protein synthesis, and intracellular trafficking. GTPBP10 is thought to be involved in modulating GTPase activity and may participate in the regulation of cellular functions such as protein translation and ribosome assembly. While the specific functions of GTPBP10 are still being elucidated, studies suggest its involvement in mitochondrial function and ribosomal biogenesis. Additionally, mutations or dysregulation of GTPBP10 have been associated with certain diseases, including neurological disorders and cancer. Understanding the molecular mechanisms underlying GTPBP10 function and its role in cellular physiology is crucial for elucidating its potential implications in health and disease. Further research into the function of GTPBP10 may uncover novel therapeutic targets for the treatment of disorders associated with its dysregulation.


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