KLF14 (Krüppel-Like Factor 14): KLF14 is a transcription factor belonging to the Krüppel-like factor family, which plays a significant role in regulating gene expression patterns involved in various cellular processes. KLF14 is particularly notable for its involvement in metabolic regulation and adipogenesis. It acts as a key regulator of adipocyte differentiation and lipid metabolism, influencing both the storage and utilization of fats within the body. Additionally, KLF14 has been implicated in glucose homeostasis and insulin sensitivity, indicating its broader importance in metabolic health. Dysregulation of KLF14 expression has been associated with metabolic disorders such as obesity, type 2 diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases. Understanding the intricate regulatory functions of KLF14 provides insights into the molecular mechanisms underlying metabolic diseases and may offer potential targets for therapeutic interventions aimed at managing metabolic disorders.


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