Palladium, a metal used in electronics, jewelry, and dental materials, can be toxic if inhaled or ingested in large amounts. Occupational exposure is the most common risk, leading to respiratory, skin, and digestive issues. Palladium allergy is also possible, causing dermatitis....


What health issues can palladium cause?

Respiratory problems, skin irritation, and digestive issues can result from palladium exposure, along with allergic reactions.

How and where can palladium exposure occur?

Exposure mainly happens in workplaces handling palladium or from wearing palladium-containing jewelry.

Who is most at risk for palladium toxicity?

Workers in industries using palladium and individuals sensitive to metal allergies are at higher risk.

How can one reduce the risk of palladium exposure?

Using protective equipment in industrial settings and choosing palladium-free products can minimize risk.

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