pH value

The pH value of the stool can indicate if there are any conditions of excess decay or fermentation in the intestine. A too low pH value often occurs in combination with a dysfunctional intestinal flora, as complex sugars are metabolized to fatty acids, which can contribute to an acidified stool. A too high pH value can be due to excessive amounts of protein, which can stimulate certain intestinal bacteria to produce ammonia and other metabolic products, thus raising the pH value of the stool....

pH value

Who would benefit from testing for pH value in stool?

People experiencing digestive discomfort, irregular bowel movements, or those on high protein or complex sugar diets would benefit from stool pH testing. It helps identify imbalances in the gut related to diet and intestinal flora health.

What does pH value in stool show?

Stool pH value highlights the balance of fermentation and decay processes in the gut. Low values suggest acidic conditions from sugar metabolism, while high values indicate alkaline conditions due to protein breakdown.

Why is pH in stool elevated?

Elevated pH in stool can result from a diet high in proteins. This diet stimulates gut bacteria to produce metabolic products like ammonia, which raise the stool’s pH, indicating a shift in gut bacterial activity.

How can one adjust the pH value in stool for better gut health?

Adjusting the pH value in stool for better gut health involves balancing the diet. A diet high in fiber from fruits, vegetables, and whole grains can help lower an elevated pH value. To raise a low pH value, reducing the intake of complex sugars and increasing healthy fats and proteins can be beneficial. It’s also important to maintain a healthy gut flora by including probiotics and prebiotics in the diet.

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