Platinum, a precious metal used in automotive catalytic converters, jewelry, and chemotherapy drugs, poses health risks when inhaled or comes into prolonged skin contact. Workers in industries that use platinum and people wearing platinum-based jewelry may experience allergic reactions, respiratory issues, and skin irritation. Avoiding excessive exposure and using protective gear in industrial settings can mitigate health risks....


What health issues can platinum cause?

Platinum exposure can lead to respiratory problems, skin irritation, and allergic reactions.

How and where does platinum exposure occur?

Exposure mainly happens in the workplace, especially in automotive and jewelry manufacturing, and from wearing platinum jewelry.

Who is most at risk for platinum toxicity?

Industrial workers using platinum and individuals with platinum jewelry are at higher risk, especially with prolonged contact.

Detoxing from platinum: any advice?

Reducing further exposure and consulting healthcare professionals for appropriate detox strategies is essential for recovery from platinum toxicity.

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