POLK (DNA Polymerase Kappa): POLK, a member of the Y-family DNA polymerases, is crucial for translesion DNA synthesis, a process that allows DNA replication to continue past DNA lesions such as UV-induced pyrimidine dimers or bulky chemical adducts. It plays a specialized role in accurately replicating damaged DNA, thereby preventing the stalling of replication forks and the formation of potentially mutagenic double-strand breaks. POLK's unique ability to replicate through lesions that would otherwise stall replicative polymerases ensures genome stability and integrity. However, its error-prone nature can also lead to mutagenesis, making it a double-edged sword in DNA repair processes. Dysregulation or mutations in POLK have been associated with increased susceptibility to carcinogenesis, as well as resistance to certain chemotherapeutic agents. Understanding the intricate functions of POLK sheds light on its potential as a therapeutic target for cancer treatment and in modulating the balance between genome stability and mutagenesis.


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