PVR (Poliovirus Receptor): PVR, also known as the poliovirus receptor, is a transmembrane glycoprotein crucial for viral entry and infection by certain viruses, including poliovirus and related enteroviruses. Beyond its role as a viral receptor, PVR plays essential roles in cell-cell adhesion, immune response modulation, and tissue homeostasis. It serves as a key component of adherens junctions and tight junctions, contributing to the integrity of epithelial and endothelial barriers. Additionally, PVR interactions with its ligands, such as TIGIT and DNAM-1, regulate immune cell activation and function, impacting both innate and adaptive immune responses. Dysregulation of PVR expression or function has been implicated in various diseases, including viral infections, autoimmune disorders, and cancer progression. Understanding the multifaceted roles of PVR in viral pathogenesis, immune regulation, and cellular adhesion provides insights into potential therapeutic strategies targeting PVR-mediated processes.


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