SERINC2 (Serine Incorporator 2): SERINC2 is part of the SERINC family of proteins, which are involved in the incorporation of serine into membrane lipids, thereby playing a crucial role in the biosynthesis and maintenance of cellular membranes. This protein contributes to various cellular processes, including membrane fluidity, signaling pathways, and the immune response. SERINC2, like its family members, is implicated in the modulation of membrane composition and function, influencing cell proliferation, differentiation, and apoptosis. Its activity is essential for the proper functioning of cells and the maintenance of physiological homeostasis. Dysregulation or mutations in the SERINC2 gene can impact cellular health and has been associated with certain metabolic and immune system disorders. Understanding the function and regulation of SERINC2 is vital for elucidating its role in health and disease, offering potential insights for therapeutic interventions targeting cellular membranes and their associated functions.


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