Taurine supports heart health and vision. This amino acid is crucial for heart muscle function and maintaining healthy eyes. You'll find taurine in meat, fish, and dairy. It's key for a healthy cardiovascular system and good eye health. Taurine also aids in nerve growth and function....


Who would benefit from testing their taurine levels?

Testing for taurine levels can be beneficial for individuals with cardiovascular concerns, as taurine plays a role in heart function and blood pressure regulation. People with diabetes, metabolic syndrome, or those experiencing eye or neurological issues might also benefit, given taurine’s importance in these areas. Athletes or those under physical stress could find testing useful for optimizing performance and recovery, considering taurine’s role in muscle function and energy metabolism.

What are symptoms of low taurine?

  • Muscle weakness and fatigue
  • Vision problems
  • Heart rhythm abnormalities
  • Poor exercise performance and recovery
  • Mood swings or depression

What foods are high in taurine?

Taurine is found primarily in animal-based foods like meat, fish, and seafood, particularly shellfish. Dairy products and eggs also contain taurine. While not present in plant foods, taurine can be synthesized in the human body from other amino acids, and taurine supplements are available for those who may not get enough from their diet.

What are the benefits of taurine supplementation?

Taurine supplementation can support cardiovascular health, potentially improving heart function and blood pressure. It may also aid in managing diabetes and improving eye health. For athletes, taurine can enhance exercise performance and recovery. Additionally, it supports neurological health and can improve mood and mental function.

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