Thallium, a heavy metal, can cause serious health issues upon human exposure. Symptoms like hair loss, nerve damage, and digestive system problems may manifest from thallium poisoning. Contaminated water and certain industrial processes, along with its historical use in rat poison, are common exposure sources. Despite reduced usage in consumer products, thallium still presents a risk in industrial environments. While not frequently encountered, thallium exposure demands immediate medical attention to mitigate health risks....


What are the main symptoms of thallium exposure?

Symptoms of thallium exposure can range from hair loss and nerve damage to severe digestive issues. Victims may also experience fatigue, joint pain, and visual disturbances.

How can people be exposed to thallium?

Exposure to thallium can occur through contaminated water, food, or industrial exposure. Though rare, cases of poisoning from thallium in rodenticides or from accidental ingestion have been reported.