TMEM116 (Transmembrane Protein 116): TMEM116 is a transmembrane protein that spans the cell membrane, belonging to a family of proteins involved in diverse cellular processes. While its specific function is still being elucidated, TMEM116 is implicated in cellular transport and signaling pathways within the cell. It likely plays a role in membrane dynamics, possibly participating in vesicle trafficking or ion channel regulation. Although its exact mechanism of action remains to be fully understood, emerging research suggests its involvement in cellular homeostasis and intracellular communication. Dysregulation of TMEM116 expression or function may have implications for various physiological processes and could potentially contribute to the development or progression of certain diseases. Further investigation into the precise function and regulatory mechanisms of TMEM116 is essential for a comprehensive understanding of its role in cellular physiology and pathology, offering potential insights into therapeutic strategies targeting its activity.


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