TRAPPC14 (Trafficking Protein Particle Complex 14): TRAPPC14 is a component of the TRAPP (Trafficking Protein Particle) complex, which plays a vital role in vesicular transport processes within cells. This protein is involved in the regulation of trafficking between various membranous organelles, including the endoplasmic reticulum, Golgi apparatus, and endosomes. TRAPPC14 functions as part of the machinery that ensures the precise delivery of cargo proteins and lipids across different cellular compartments, critical for maintaining cellular homeostasis and function. Its role is particularly important in the context of protein secretion, membrane biogenesis, and the maintenance of organelle integrity. Dysregulation or genetic mutations in TRAPPC14 can lead to cellular trafficking defects, contributing to a range of diseases, including neurodevelopmental disorders and metabolic syndromes. Research into TRAPPC14 and its interactions within the TRAPP complex offers insights into the mechanisms of vesicular transport and potential therapeutic targets for diseases resulting from trafficking abnormalities.


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