ZDHHC20 (Zinc Finger DHHC-Type Palmitoyltransferase 20): ZDHHC20 is a member of the DHHC family of palmitoyltransferases, enzymes responsible for the post-translational modification known as protein palmitoylation. This process involves the attachment of a fatty acid, palmitate, to specific cysteine residues of target proteins, thereby modulating their cellular localization, stability, and function. ZDHHC20 specifically catalyzes the palmitoylation of target proteins, influencing their membrane association and intracellular trafficking. Through its regulatory role in protein palmitoylation, ZDHHC20 contributes to diverse cellular processes such as signal transduction, synaptic plasticity, and membrane trafficking. Dysregulation of ZDHHC20 activity has been implicated in various neurological disorders, including Alzheimer's disease and schizophrenia, highlighting its significance in neuronal function and synaptic transmission. Understanding the substrate specificity and regulatory mechanisms of ZDHHC20 could offer insights into its therapeutic potential in treating diseases associated with aberrant protein palmitoylation.


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