Zirconium is used in dental implants and various consumer products. While elemental zirconium is not harmful, its compounds, if inhaled, can irritate the lungs. People should use products containing zirconium cautiously, especially powders and sprays, to avoid respiratory irritation....


What are zirconium's functions/benefits in the body?

Some claims suggest zirconium helps with calcium absorption, blood sugar regulation, and inflammation reduction, though these are not broadly confirmed.

What symptoms can zirconium exposure cause?

  • Inhaling zirconium compounds may cause lung irritation.
  • Direct skin contact might lead to irritation.

What are sources of zirconium exposure?

Consumer products like antiperspirants and dental implants. Some say trace amounts in food contribute to dietary intake.

Can zirconium be toxic in high doses?

Inhalation of zirconium compounds can be harmful, causing respiratory issues. Caution is warranted with zirconium-containing products to avoid potential toxicity.

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