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D-dimer test (blood clots)

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The GetTested D-dimer Rapid Test offers a rapid and accurate way to assess D-dimer levels, a critical marker for thrombosis-related conditions, specifically blood clots. With quick results available, you can access crucial information about your coagulation status promptly, allowing for timely medical intervention if needed.

For a broader health assessment, consider also checking your CRP and cholesterol levels with our rapid tests, or explore comprehensive cardiovascular health analysis with our DNA Cardiovascular Health Test.

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Quick D-dimer Test at Home from GetTested

GetTested's D-dimer test is a convenient at-home blood test for detecting thrombosis risks. With a simple blood sample, it measures D-dimer levels in whole blood or plasma. The test kit includes everything you need and delivers results within 10 minutes.

Why Test for D-dimer?

D-dimer, a protein fragment appearing when blood clots dissolve, can indicate serious conditions like DIC, DVT, or PE. Elevated levels, detectable above 500ng/mL, require attention. This test is crucial, especially if you experience symptoms like chest pain, leg swelling, or shortness of breath. It's also recommended for those with a history of clotting disorders, recent surgery, or prolonged immobility.

Stay Informed with GetTested

Opt for GetTested's D-dimer Rapid Test to stay ahead in monitoring your health. It's a vital tool for early detection of clot-related issues, empowering you with quick and reliable health insights.


How is the D-dimer test carried out?

Our D-dimer test is a home test kit with instant results. After ordering, we will send you a kit with everything you need to perform the test yourself. Results are obtained within a few minutes.

What will the result tell me?

If you are negative or positive (above 500ng/mL).

How quickly will I receive my results?

Results are ready within 10 minutes.

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