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Do you suspect that you may be lactose intolerant? Unlike many other cheaper tests on the market, this test measures not only hereditary lactose intolerance, but also acquired intolerance. Acquired lactose intolerance is something that can develop over the years. Get tested now!

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About the Lactose Intolerance Test

Lactose intolerance means your small intestine struggles to break down milk sugar, lactose. This condition leads to symptoms like stomach pain, diarrhea, and flatulence. While lactose intolerance is harmless, it can cause significant discomfort for those affected. People often mix up lactose intolerance with cow’s milk allergy (also known as milk protein allergy or milk allergy). Both conditions cause similar issues, but doctors treat them differently. At GetTested, we use a simple breathing test to determine if you suffer from lactose intolerance through our Lactose Intolerance test.

Causes of lactose intolerance

If you’re lactose intolerant, you’re hypersensitive to lactose, the carbohydrate in milk and other dairy products. This intolerance arises from a deficiency in the lactase enzyme that breaks down lactose in the small intestine. This deficiency makes it challenging for your body to absorb lactose’s nutrients. As a result, undigested lactose stays in the small intestine. Intestinal bacteria then digest this undigested lactose, producing gases that can cause stomach cramps and diarrhea. To alleviate these issues, you need to limit or avoid lactose-containing foods and drinks. When you reduce or eliminate lactose from your diet, the symptoms often fade away.

Children under five rarely show signs of lactose intolerance. More often, stomach issues in children arise from cow’s milk allergy, among other causes. Proper diagnosis is crucial to ensure you avoid the right foods and alleviate symptoms. The following section discusses various causes of lactose intolerance.

Primary lactose intolerance

Primary lactose intolerance is the most prevalent form. It’s hereditary and common in Asia, Africa, and southern Europe. The condition stems from reduced lactase enzyme production, which digests milk sugar or lactose. Lactase production typically drops in those genetically predisposed during late childhood to early adulthood. Those affected often struggle with milk-rich foods. On the other hand, foods that don’t contain that much milk sugar often work well. Examples of such foods are hard cheese, yoghurt, butter and sandwich margarines that contain butterfat.

Secondary lactose intolerance

Secondary lactose intolerance, often termed temporary lactose intolerance, arises when an untreated intestinal disease or parasitic infection damages the small intestinal mucosa. For instance, in gluten intolerance, gluten triggers inflammation which damages the lining of the small intestine. This damage prevents nutrients from being absorbed. Typically, once you treat the underlying cause and heal the intestinal damage, secondary lactose intolerance subsides.

Congenital lactose intolerance

Congenital lactose intolerance is very uncommon and means that the body can not produce lactase at all. Unlike primary and secondary (temporary) lactose intolerance, congenital lactose intolerance is a disease. It is genetically transmitted and is noticed already after birth. The baby gets watery diarrhea as soon as it starts eating breast milk or breast milk substitute. In order for the baby to avoid the problems, lactose-free breast milk replacement is required. People with congenital lactose intolerance usually need to eat food with as little milk sugar as possible throughout life.

Lactose intolerance and cow’s milk allergy

Many people confuse lactose intolerance with cow’s milk allergy (also called milk protein allergy or milk allergy) even though they are two completely different things. If you have an allergy to milk protein, you don’t tolerate the proteins in the milk. Unlike lactose intolerance where it is the milk sugar, or lactose, which causes problems. Milk protein allergy is due to the body’s immune system reacting to one or more proteins found in milk. The immune system then produces special antibodies, so-called Immunoglobulin (IgE), which then activate immune cells in the body that cause inflammation. The symptoms are vomiting, stomach pain, diarrhea and skin reactions in the form of eczema and hives and in some cases asthma or anaphylactic reactions. For sensitive milk allergy sufferers, very small amounts are sometimes required to get a reaction. People with milk protein allergies are completely advised against eating and drinking dairy products. Dairy and goat milk products must also be excluded. Also dairy products that are lactose-free and lactose-reduced.

As the symptoms of lactose intolerance and cow’s milk allergy are similar, it is therefore very important to seek help and take blood samples to establish the correct diagnosis. GetTested offers both allergy tests and lactose intolerance tests.

Difference in measuring lactose intolerance via breath tests and DNA tests

When you’re lactose intolerant, you exhale more hydrogen after consuming the test solution. This happens because you lack sufficient lactase enzyme to break down the lactose. As a result, the undigested lactose ferments and produces gases in the colon.

On the other hand, a DNA test for lactose intolerance only shows if you have hereditary lactose intolerance but not if you actually suffer from it.

How does the Lactose Intolerance Test work?

The test is a breath test that measures the concentration of hydrogen and methane gas after drinking a lactose solution provided with the test kit. The sample is collected on five occasions over three hours. It is best if you take the sample on an empty stomach and avoid eating and drinking during the test period. Your samples will be sent to our lab for analysis and you will get your test result digitally, after the lab has analysed your samples.

Additional information

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You take the test yourself at home through a breathing test. Your sample will be collected in a couple of hours. Your sample is then sent to our lab for analysis and you will receive your answer digitally as soon as the lab has analysed your sample.

Remember to avoid eating or drinking anything that contains the substance you are testing, that is, if you are testing lactose, you should avoid lactose intake and if you are testing fructose, you should avoid consuming fructose.

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  3. Carry out the test according to the instructions included in your test kit and on the web. Our Support can also answer all possible questions, before and after submissions and results.
  4. Send the test kit to our ISO certified lab and wait for results digitally. You will normally receive an answer within 15 working days after our lab has received your sample.

For more detailed instructions, see here under the category “Breath test“.

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12 reviews for Lactose Intolerance Test

  1. Horatio

    The lactose intolerance test from GetTested has made a significant difference in my life. The delivery was fast, the test was easy to use and the results came quickly. Highly recommend.

  2. Barnaby Whitmore

    The lactose intolerance test was a lifesaver! Incredibly easy and informative.

  3. Cosmo Bleak

    For years, I’ve battled with stomach discomfort and digestive issues. I tried numerous over-the-counter medicines, diets, and even lifestyle changes, but nothing seemed to work. It wasn’t until I took the GetTested’s Lactose Intolerance Test that I was finally able to pinpoint the issue. My results revealed that I was indeed lactose intolerant. Equipped with this information, I was able to make necessary dietary changes. Now, I can live my life without any worries or discomfort. I highly recommend this test to anyone experiencing similar problems. It’s worth it!

  4. Miss T

    The test was easy to do. Everything needed to carry out the test came in the test kit. I can recommend this to anyone who suspects lactose intolerance.

  5. Oliver Thornton

    Milkshakes, cheese platters, creamy pastas – these were more than just foods to me; they were comfort. But over time, these comforts turned treacherous, leaving me grappling with stomach cramps, bloating, and fatigue. My once-clear relationship with dairy was muddled with doubts. Was I lactose intolerant? The lack of clarity was exhausting, both mentally and physically. Thus, in a bid to seek answers, I decided to embark on the journey with the Lactose Intolerance Test. Receiving the kit was the first step. It was impeccably packaged, indicating meticulous attention to detail. Inside, I found clear, concise instructions that instantly alleviated any apprehensions I had about self-administering a test. The entire process felt less like a medical chore and more like an empowering activity.

    The wait for the results was, predictably, the hardest part. However, once they arrived, they were nothing short of transformative. Not only did they confirm my intolerance to lactose, but they also provided a nuanced understanding of how my body reacts to different levels of lactose consumption. This wasn’t just a blanket diagnosis; it was a detailed guide tailored to my body’s unique response. The aftermath of this discovery has been enlightening. With a clearer understanding of my dietary needs, I’ve explored the vast world of lactose-free products, finding delightful substitutes that don’t wreak havoc on my system. I’ve also dabbled in cooking and baking, concocting dairy-free versions of my beloved comfort foods. The best part? No more post-meal regrets or discomfort. In retrospect, the Lactose Intolerance Test has been pivotal in redefining my relationship with food. To anyone battling the uncertainty of digestive discomfort and suspecting lactose as the perpetrator, I wholeheartedly recommend taking this test. It’s not just about discovering limitations; it’s about harnessing them to carve a new, comfortable, and delicious path forward.

  6. Natasha

    As someone with a strong affinity for dairy products, the realization that they might be the cause of my constant stomach issues was disheartening. Seeking a definitive answer, I opted for the Lactose Intolerance Test. The kit’s delivery was timely, and its user-friendly nature made the entire process a breeze.

    When the results came in, they were comprehensive, offering a clear understanding of my lactose tolerance levels. This proved to be invaluable information. I’ve since made strategic dietary changes, ensuring I can still enjoy my love for dairy without the accompanying discomfort. The test was an investment in understanding my body better, and I couldn’t be more grateful.

  7. Adelaide

    Finally found the root of my symptoms. The lactose intolerance test was simple to use, and the customer service was excellent.

  8. Eleanor

    For the longest time, a scoop of ice cream or a slice of cheesy pizza was akin to playing Russian roulette with my stomach. Digestive discomfort, bloating, and even nausea were common aftermaths. Suspecting lactose intolerance but never really confirming it, I decided to give the Lactose Intolerance Test a shot. The package arrived promptly, and I was immediately impressed by the clear instructions provided. The sample collection process was smooth, and within no time, I was awaiting my results.

    Upon their arrival, I was faced with the undeniable truth: I was lactose intolerant. The test provided comprehensive insights into my body’s reaction to lactose and even suggested dietary adjustments. Today, armed with this knowledge, I can make informed choices, ensuring my meals are both delightful and digestively harmonious. 🙂

  9. Ophelia

    Quick, easy and convenient. I’m very impressed with the service and the results.

  10. Kimya Abrami

    I struggled for years with digestive discomfort. The lactose intolerance test gave me a new perspective. It’s truly a relief to finally know what was causing my problems.

  11. Adriana Ruiz

    Every time I enjoyed my favorite latte or dug into a cheesy pizza slice, I was left wrestling with discomfort. Friends joked about possible lactose intolerance, but I brushed it off. Finally, after a particularly painful episode post ice-cream, I decided to seek answers. The Lactose Intolerance Test proved to be an invaluable tool. From the outset, the process was smooth — the kit was straightforward and easy to use. When the results rolled in, they confirmed my suspicions: I was indeed lactose intolerant. More than just a diagnosis, the detailed breakdown provided me with a deeper understanding of my body’s reactions. Armed with this knowledge, I’ve made dietary shifts, finding great alternatives and minimizing discomfort. If you’re in a similar boat, don’t hesitate. This test was a game-changer for me. 😀

  12. Samuel

    Being a milk-lover, the mere suspicion of lactose intolerance felt like a cruel joke. However, persistent discomfort post dairy indulgence pushed me to seek clarity. The Lactose Intolerance Test stood out with its stellar reviews and ease of use. The experience, from receiving the kit to sending it back, was streamlined and stress-free. The results confirmed my suspicions but went a step further, shedding light on the extent of my intolerance. Thanks to the actionable insights from the test, I’ve been able to modify my dairy consumption, opting for lactose-free variants. It’s been a game-changer, drastically reducing my bouts of discomfort and bloating.

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