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GetTested’s Melatonin Test analyses your secretion of melatonin. Too low or too high levels can contribute to everything from disturbed sleep to premature aging. With millions of people around the globe suffering from sleep disorders, such as insomnia and hypersomnia, measuring your melatonin levels can help you figure out the origin of your sleeping problem. Additionally, pairing this test with our Cortisol Test is a popular choice, offering a comprehensive view of your sleep-wake cycle by examining both the sleep hormone and the stress hormone.

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About melatonin

Melatonin is a hormone produced in the pineal gland, the epiphysis of the brain, and its function is primarily to help control our circadian rhythm. The secretion of melatonin makes us sleepy and the levels varies during the day and is affected by light and darkness. The level increases at dusk and is at its highest at night and at its lowest during the day when the light is at its strongest. Some people have too low melatonin production which makes it difficult for them to fall asleep. If you suffer from sleep problems, there are good reasons to test your levels and if our test shows low levels, there are supplements to buy to get your levels up.

Melatonin also helps the body regulate other hormones, our blood pressure and body temperature, as well as acts as an antioxidant and has immune promoting properties. There are also links between low levels of melatonin and depression and premature aging.

Melatonin deficiency

Melatonin is a hormone that is created from the amino acid tryptophan and that the body itself produces in the pineal gland. When the levels of melatonin rise towards the evening, it gives the body a signal that it's time to sleep which makes you drowsy and tired. If melatonin production is disturbed, you may have difficulty sleeping. Sleep disorders can be caused by various factors such as blindness, jet lag, menopause, rising age, shift work and more. To overcome the sleep problems, you can take extra melatonin in the form of supplements or medication.

The production of melatonin is affected by, among other things, artificial lighting, hard training late in the day, the cycles of the year and aging. By measuring and identifying any imbalances, you can initiate the right treatment to improve melatonin production.


How is the Melatonin test carried out?

Our Melatonin test is a home test kit. After ordering, we will send you a kit with everything you need to collect a small blood sample. Then, simply return your sample to us in the pre-paid envelope.

When should I collect the sample?

The melatonin test sample should be collected on a Sunday evening, before you go to bed. This is important as the melatonin test must be sent to the lab on a Monday.

What happens if I fail to take the sample?

If you read the instructions carefully before you take the test and it should go well. Should something go wrong, you are welcome to contact us and we will help you.

How quickly will I receive my results?

Average response time is 10-15 business days.

Can I trust the test result?

We work with several accredited and certified laboratories with long experience and which are trusted and used by doctors/practitioners all over Europe. Our partner labs are certified in accordance with EN ISO 15189 and ISO 13485.

Example Report

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Example of Melatonin Test


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  • Elaine Harper :)
    Having struggled with insomnia for the better part of a decade, I was desperate for answers. Prescriptions and over-the-counter sleep aids offered only temporary relief, often leaving me groggy the next day. I’d heard about melatonin’s role in regulating sleep but was unsure about how it played into my specific situation. The Melatonin Test was my attempt to understand my body’s natural rhythms better. :) :) When the kit arrived, it was neatly packaged, and the instructions were detailed, leaving no room for confusion. Collecting the sample was straightforward, and the process of sending it back was seamless. The waiting period was made more comfortable with consistent updates from the GetTested team, ensuring I was always in the loop. Receiving my results was a pivotal moment. For the first time, I had a detailed breakdown of my melatonin levels, showing clear discrepancies in the amounts my body produced at various times. This information, combined with expert insights provided in the report, was a game-changer. With guidance from my doctor, I've now implemented changes that align with my body's natural clock, and my sleep has improved markedly. :) Opting for the Melatonin Test was more than just seeking answers; it was about regaining control of my life.
  • Naomi Reid
    In-depth insights. Transformed my approach to sleep. Highly recommended :)

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