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GetTested’s Sorbitol Intolerance Test accurately assesses your body’s ability to absorb sorbitol in the gut through an easy-to-use breath test, analyzed by an accredited lab. Common symptoms of sorbitol intolerance include abdominal pain and cramps, bloating, gas, and loose stools. This intolerance can be both genetic and acquired, often developing after intestinal diseases such as gastrointestinal catarrh and other inflammatory bowel conditions.

Experiencing abdominal discomfort? Beyond the Sorbitol Intolerance Test, GetTested also provides Fructose Intolerance test, IBS test, and Lactose Intolerance test to pinpoint the cause of your discomfort, as symptoms can be similar.

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About Sorbitol Intolerance

Sorbitol is a sugar alcohol naturally occurring in red algae, as well as in the leaves and fruits of plants. Used both as a texturizing agent and sweetener, sorbitol can cause digestive problems for those who don't tolerate it well. Symptoms such as abdominal pain, bloating, and stomach gas may indicate sorbitol intolerance. If you experience any of these or similar symptoms, GetTested offers a breath test to determine your body's ability to break down sorbitol.

What is Sorbitol?

Sorbitol, a type of sugar alcohol, naturally occurs in fruits such as apples, pears, plums, cherries, rowanberries, peaches, apricots, grapes, strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries. You can also find sorbitol in canned and dried fruits, along with many light products. When consumed in high quantities, sorbitol acts as a laxative. The food industry commonly uses sorbitol as a sweetener, thickener, and consistency agent, adding sweetness without adding a lot of calories. Although sorbitol is not energy-free, many people use it as a sugar substitute to reduce their caloric intake. Its common uses include sugar-free or energy-reduced desserts, ice creams, jams, marmalades, confectionery, breakfast cereals, and in ready-made sauces, mustard, and diet products.

Symptoms of Sorbitol Intolerance

Individuals with sorbitol intolerance may experience symptoms following sorbitol consumption. These symptoms can vary in intensity and include:

  • Abdominal pain and cramps
  • Stomach swelling
  • Gases
  • Intestinal sounds
  • Diarrhea with gas

Avoiding certain fruits, processed products, and chewing gum is crucial for those with sorbitol intolerance.

The Cause of Sorbitol Intolerance

Sorbitol intolerance results from a deficiency of the GLUT5 transporter in the gut. This inability to absorb sorbitol leads to its fermentation by colon bacteria, causing various problems. The resultant high levels of free hydrogen in the body can be measured in exhaled air.

Sorbitol intolerance is usually categorized into two types:

Primary Sorbitol Intolerance: Caused by a deficiency of a specific enzyme in the sorbitol transporter GLUT5.

Secondary Sorbitol Intolerance: Develops following intestinal diseases like gastrointestinal catarrh and other inflammatory bowel diseases, including celiac disease, which temporarily or permanently damage the microvilli in the intestinal mucosa.

How the GetTested Sorbitol Intolerance Test Works

The sorbitol intolerance test by GetTested is a straightforward breath test. Before the test, patients should fast for 8 hours. It's also important to avoid fruits, vegetables, and legumes 24 hours prior to the test as they can slow down intestinal transit time. Additionally, avoid taking laxatives or antibiotics in the days leading up to the test.


How is the Sorbitol Intolerance test carried out?

Our Sorbitol Intolerance test is a home test kit. After ordering, we will send you a kit with everything you need to collect the breath samples. Then, simply return your sample to us in the pre-paid envelope.

Anything to consider before taking the test?

The test should be taken on an empty stomach.

When should I collect the samples?

Your test kit comes with 5 glass containers. You will blow into the first container before drinking the solution (in the morning on an empty stomach). The remaining 4 should be blown into certain times after drinking the solution: Glass 2: 30 minutes after drinking the solution. Glass 3: 1 hour after drinking the solution. Glass 4: 2 hours after drinking the solution. Glass 5: 3 hours after drinking the solution.

How quickly will I receive my results?

Once we receive your sample, average response time is 10-15 business days to receive results.

Example Report

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Example of Sorbitol Intolerance Test


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  • Alicia Martinez
    nice! very happy i did this :D
  • Steffanie :)
    When you constantly grapple with digestive discomfort, every meal can become a source of anxiety. This had been my reality for an extended period. For the longest time, I'd scan ingredient lists, trying to identify a common denominator that triggered my symptoms. While I was familiar with more common intolerances, Sorbitol was a term I'd only briefly encountered. Hoping to shed light on the shadows of uncertainty, I invested in the Sorbitol Intolerance Test. Right from the onset, the professionalism of the entire process impressed me. The kit's packaging, the detailed instructions, and the overall user-friendliness made it seem less like a clinical procedure and more like a personal health journey. Following the steps felt empowering, a tangible step toward understanding my body better. The results, once they arrived, were both revealing and enlightening. The detailed report confirmed an intolerance to Sorbitol, explaining the science behind it in an accessible manner. Beyond just stating facts, the analysis delved into the potential implications on overall health, suggesting dietary modifications and potential coping strategies. This newfound knowledge transformed my relationship with food. Gone were the days of trepidation before every meal. Armed with clarity, I began making informed dietary choices, gradually witnessing a decline in my symptoms. Looking back, this test served as the crucial bridge between distressing uncertainty and empowered well-being. For anyone in the nebulous zone of unexplained digestive issues, I cannot recommend this test enough. It's more than a diagnosis; it's a pathway to holistic health.

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