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GetTested’s Candida Test is for those who suspect an overgrowth of the yeast Candida albicans. Candida overgrowth can cause symptoms such as brain fog, fatigue, mood swings, gas or bloating, diarrhea and/or constipation, sugar cravings, skin problems and much more. The test is a simple stool test that you collect yourself at home then is sent to a lab for analysis.

☑️ Test done at home
☑️ Analysed at an ISO15189 certified lab
☑️ Comprehensive report incl. recommendations

If you are interested in the gut biome, and want to measure Candida and other important markers, we also suggest you have a look at this biome test that includes candida and a total of 17 common bacterias and 4 yeasts.

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Candida Test

GetTested’s Candida Test is for those who suspect an overgrowth of the yeast Candida albicans. Candida overgrowth can cause symptoms such as brain fog, fatigue, mood swings, gas or bloating, diarrhoea and/or constipation, sugar cravings, skin problems and much more. The test is a simple stool test that you collect yourself at home then is sent to a lab for analysis. 

About the Candida Test

Candida is a normal resident of the human gastrointestinal tract; it is also the most common fungal pathogen of humans. This test measures 4 different types of yeasts; Candida albicans, Candida (species), Geotrichum candidum and if there is occurrence of yeast overgrowth.

Candida is a type of fungus that is found naturally in our intestines, mouth and skin. It has the task of recognising and destroying harmful bacteria. Healthy bacteria help maintain a good balance of yeast. However, the natural balance of Candida in the body is often unstable, and as such it can easily become disrupted. This is why Candida infections are very common.

Candida overgrowth

When there is an overgrowth of this fungus, the problems arise. An overgrowth can occur after, for example, taking antibiotics, when heavy metals are accumulated in the body, when having a weakened immune system, due to incorrect diet, stress or after taking certain drugs.

In candida overgrowth, various toxins are created which in turn can lead to a number of different symptoms (see below). Examples of some of these toxins  in the body are ethanol, acetaldehyde and formaldehyde. 

There are multiple types of infections caused by Candida Albicans. There is the infection of the mouth and throat, referred to as Trush, which causes white bumps to appear in the mouth and throat.

The test is a simple stool test collected at home and analysed at a ISO certified and accredited lab.

Learn More about Candida

Below we will go deeper into the following sections:

  1. Yeast that the test analyses 
  2. Candida symptoms 
  3. Candida treatment 
  4. FAQ – Candida Test
  5. Not Sure This Test is for You?


1. Yeast that the test analyses

Candida (species)

Candida species are the most common causes of fungal infection Candida species are normally part of the natural microflora. The candida species can cause infections if it grows uncontrollably or if it enters deep into the body, where it could potentially cause infections in the bloodstream, heart or brain. 

Candida albicans

Candida albicans is a yeast that occurs naturally in small amounts. Normally, Candida does not cause any problems or discomfort. However, under certain conditions it can grow uncontrollably. Such conditions include hormonal changes (possibly caused by a pregnancy), a weakened immune system and usage of antibiotics or hormones. Additionally, stress and an unbalanced diet that consist of too much refined carbohydrates, sugar and yeast can also cause an overgrowth, in which case you will end up with a Candida infection.

The most common one is a vaginal infection. This type of infection is also called vaginal candidiasis and it affects about 3 out of 4 women at some point in their lives.

Yeasts (positive or negative)

Not all yeast is negative. For example, nutritional yeast is a great source of vitamins and minerals. Additionally, it contains all nine essential amino acids, making it a complete protein. 

Geotrichum candidum

This yeast is often found in dairy products, such as cheese. It appears on human skin, inside the respiratory and gastrointestinal tract. There it can cause diseases, mainly in people who have a weakened immune system. The infection it causes is called geotrichosis. Symptoms include prominent chronic cough, gelatinous sputum, lack of fever and medium to coarse rales.

2. Candida symptoms

Common symptoms include of a Candida infection include: 

  • Brain fog
  • Irritation, pain and soreness
  • Fatigue
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Gas and bloating
  • Diarrhoea or constipation
  • Sugar cravings
  • Skin problems (acne, rosacea, eczema, psoriasis, etc.)
  • Lumpy white patches
  • Dry, itchy or red skin
  • Burning sensations 
  • Foot / nail fungus
  • Vaginal itching
  • Abnormal vaginal discharge 
  • Mood swings, sleep problems, anxiety or depression

3. Candida Albicans treatment

Candida is a fungus you can treat with antifungal medicine. There are two types of antifungal medicine that can treat an infection and stop the overgrowth of Candida:

  • Oral medicine, including tablets, liquids.
  • Topical medicine, including creams and ointments, which you must apply to the affected area. 

Consult about the correct usage of these medicines with your healthcare provider first. This will ensure that the infection is treated well and does not return later. 

4. FAQ– Candida Test UK

What is candida? 

Candida is yeast that naturally occurs in the vagina. Usually it does not cause any discomfort, unless it is present in high amounts. In such a case, an infection occurs. 

What causes candida? 

A weak immune system, hormonal changes, antibiotics or hormones can cause excess growth of Candida. However, stress and an unhealthy diet can also cause an overgrowth of Candida. 

How to test for candida albicans? 

You can test for Candida Albicans with our Candida Albicans Rapid Health Test. This test is specially designed to detect Candida infections quickly, so you can get the treatment you need. 

Who should get a Candida test?

The Candida albicans test is for anyone who’s suffering from the symptoms commonly associated with yeast infection . 

How to treat candida albicans?

You can treat Candida with antifungal medicine. You can get oral medicine, such as tablets, or special creams to treat the affected area. Consult with your healthcare provider about suitable medicine and the right usage of such. 

How quickly will I receive my results? 

Once we receive your sample, you can expect to get your results within a few business days.

When should I take the test? 

It is recommended to take the test on an empty stomach in the morning. At this time, the body is relatively stable and the blood is relatively purest.

5. Not Sure This Test is for You?

This test is for People who experience any of the above problems may need to be tested for Candida. It is also for those who have also been treated for Candida before and want to know if they have gotten rid of the overgrowth should get tested to see if they need to continue treatment or if they can end the so-called Candida diet. It is important to get tested so that the correct treatment can begin when it is indicated that you have this problem.

Something that can cause similar problems is, for example SIBO, which is a bacterial overgrowth in the small intestine. If you have problems with your stomach and consider it could be caused by any of the previously mentioned gut problems, we also recommend doing the SIBO test.

If you’re still uncertain whether this test is right for you, don’t hesitate to reach out to our friendly and knowledgeable customer support team. We’re here to guide you towards the tests that best match your health concerns and objectives. You can contact us through our contact page or use our live chat for immediate assistance.

Additional information

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Before taking the test

  • Avoid probiotics at least 72 hours before the test and antibiotics 4 weeks before the test.
  • Your test ID must be registered before it is sent for analysis (otherwise the lab will not analyze the test).
  • We recommend that you take the test on an empty stomach in the morning.
  • We recommend that you submit the test for analysis on a Monday or Tuesday.
  • If tracking code is available, please attach it to the front of the envelope (found on your test ID card).
  • Before you start, you need to register your test. Your test kit contains a sticker with your unique test ID. Register your test ID at
  • Carefully open the paper by pulling apart the edges by the arrows.
  • Place the paper on the toilet seat and fold the seat ring over it so that it stays in place. Place the paper a little further back on the toilet seat.
  • Collect the sample from the stool that should be on the paper. Using the spoon attached to the lid, scoop the feces into the test tube.
  • Fill the tube so that it reaches between the minimum and maximum line (preferably more towards maximum than minimum). Close the lid. Place your test ID on the container.
  • Rinse the paper with the rest of the faeces down the toilet.
  • Put the tube (or tubes) in the enclosed envelope. Send the test to the lab the same day (preferably a Monday or Tuesday).

Refunds and returns

General Terms and Conditions

GetTested offers a wide range of health analyses to individuals and companies. We collaborate with a number of subcontractors of medical laboratory operations for analysis of the samples. To order our analyses, you must be at least 18 years old, people under the age of 18 need a parent’s permit. GetTested is not a substitute for traditional healthcare. In case of any problems, you should always contact healthcare. When you place your order, you accept our terms of purchase.

Test results

You will receive your test result digitally via the login you created when you registered your test. The response time varies for different analyses, information on how long the response time your analysis takes can be found on the product page. You as a customer are responsible for registering your unique test ID in order to receive your analysis answer. Your analysis answers are sent encrypted with ID verification for maximum security.

Shipping and delivery terms

Shipping will be added with £ 4. Our products are sent to the address you specified when ordering. You as a customer are responsible for providing correct address information when ordering. If you have not received your delivery within 10 working days, please contact us at and we will help you.

Prices and Payment

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Right of withdrawal

You as a customer have a 14-day right of withdrawal. The withdrawal period begins to apply on the day you received your goods. The right of withdrawal only applies to analyses that have not been sent to the laboratory for analysis and where the test kit, including the pre-stamped envelope, has not been used. Contact to exercise your right of withdrawal and further instructions. If you do not return everything in original condition, we reserve the right to deduct the amount of the refund to cover the fees for the material cost. We ask you to follow the instructions carefully. If, contrary to expectation, you need more material to perform your test, you can buy it yourself in our online store. This is because we have pushed prices to the maximum so that you as a customer will receive the best offer on the market. In the event of a right of withdrawal, we will refund you within 30 days from the day you received the item. Any shipping and return costs are borne by the customer and are not refunded. If you as a customer have used your test kit and regret your purchase after that, we will charge a cost of £15 for the test kit and £4 for shipping (a total of £21) which is deducted from the total amount we refund you, this to cover the cost of the sample material.


If the item you received is damaged or if you received the wrong item, please contact as soon as possible and we will help you. We ask you to follow the instructions carefully. Should you unexpectedly need more material to perform your test, please contact In the event of a dispute, we follow the General Complaints Board’s recommendations.

Customer Integrity

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GetTested reserves the right to make any price changes and is not responsible for any errors that may be attributable to a laboratory used for sampling and analysis. GetTested reserves the right to make errors in the article information.

10 reviews for Candida Test

  1. Sam

    After I got my result I realized I should have done one of the larger gut tests instead. I’m happy with the test, however I was so convinced I had candida that I didn’t even consider testing for more.
    Got the result I was hoping for
    All good!

  2. OSCAR

    Ordered this Candida test expecting to find a full-blown yeast party happening inside me. Results came back quick, turns out my gut is a no-yeast zone. Talk about a relief!

  3. Fiona Cunningham

    Been feeling super tired and moody for ages, no clue why. Got recommended this test and as it turns out, I’ve got a Candida overgrowth. I’ve cut down on sugars big time and started adding more probiotics to my meals. Also got suggested some antifungal treatments. Honestly, I’m feeling way less tired and more balanced these days. This test was a real game-changer for me, very pleased.

  4. Vance Olsen

    As a long-time sufferer of digestive discomfort and unexplained fatigue, I’d almost lost hope. My doctor suggested I might be suffering from Candida overgrowth, but I was hesitant to take another costly and invasive medical test. That’s when I found GetTested’s Candida Test. Ordering was simple, and the test was delivered swiftly to my home. The instructions were clear, and sending back the sample was effortless. I received my results within the promised timeframe and found that I did indeed have Candida overgrowth. Armed with this knowledge, I was able to change my diet and lifestyle, and the results have been nothing short of transformative. No more bloating, no more fatigue – it’s as if I’ve gotten a new lease on life! I can’t express my gratitude enough for GetTested’s convenient, affordable and accurate testing services.

  5. Raj Patel

    Easy test, fast results. No Candida overgrowth, relieved and satisfied!

  6. Theodore

    Received my Candida Test results earlier this week. The process was smooth, and the detailed report provided was genuinely helpful. Going to book a meeting on the sitre with these in hand. A step forward in understanding my health!

  7. Lola Jenkins

    I’ve been struggling with skin issues and bloating for a while. Tried GetTested’s candida test on a whim and boy, was I surprised. Discovered I’ve got a candida overgrowth. Nice to finally know what the issue was… It was all very straightforward, and I got my results really quick. If you’re dealing with similar issues, I’d recommend giving this test a go! 🙂

  8. Jordan

    I recently received my results from the Candida Test, and I must say, it was an eye-opener. Before taking the test, I had some suspicions about my health and whether Candida might be an issue for me, given some persistent symptoms. The results were straightforward and quite comprehensive.

    Having the data in hand made a significant difference. I wasn’t just guessing anymore. The breakdown was easy to digest, even if you’re not too medically inclined like me. With these results, I approached my nutritionist for a consultation. We dove deep into what the findings meant for my daily diet and lifestyle. It was reassuring to have tangible evidence when discussing my health journey.

    The actionable insights have allowed us to craft a dietary plan tailored for my needs. It’s been about two weeks since I started following it, and I’m already feeling better in ways I hadn’t expected. If you’re on the fence about this test, from my experience, it’s worth every penny. It’s empowering to understand your body a bit more and take proactive steps towards better health. Highly recommend! 🙂

  9. Tess

    Clear instructions, quick results. The Candida Test was quite helpful.

  10. Elara

    After months of speculation, the results from my Candida Test gave me the clarity I needed. The detailed report, with its easy-to-understand format, allowed me to make informed decisions. It’s given me a sense of direction about where I need to focus on my health journey. Highly recommended for anyone with similar concerns! 😀

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