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GetTested’s PSA Test measures the level of prostate-specific antigen (PSA) in the blood. The prostate gland releases PSA, and typically, healthy men have low PSA levels. These levels generally increase as men age and their prostates enlarge. Conveniently, the PSA Test can be performed at home with a simple finger prick, eliminating the need to visit a health center for sampling.

Additionally, another popular test among men is our Testosterone Test in saliva, which assesses testosterone levels that are crucial for muscle mass, bone density, and overall male health.

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GetTested’s PSA Test

GetTested offers the PSA Test, which measures the level of prostate-specific antigen (PSA) in your blood. The prostate gland releases PSA, and in healthy men, these levels are usually low. Age, prostate enlargement, inflammation, or prostate cancer can cause these levels to rise. Remember, activities like cycling or recent sexual activity may also temporarily increase PSA levels.

Benefits of PSA Testing

We use the PSA Test at GetTested mainly for screening prostate cancer, targeting men over 50 or those with a family history of the disease. However, high PSA levels don't always signal cancer; benign conditions like BPH and prostatitis can also elevate them. If we suspect prostate cancer, we might recommend a rectal exam or ultrasound. Sometimes, we might also consider a biopsy, though it carries certain risks.

Interpreting PSA Levels

You can find PSA in both healthy and cancerous prostate tissues. While PSA levels generally relate to prostate tissue volume, they don't always provide a clear picture. Prostate cancer, especially at advanced stages, usually shows the highest PSA levels. In prostatitis, these levels can surge up to 40–50 µg/L but decrease as the inflammation eases. The 4 - 10 µg/L range is critical, indicating increased cancer risk. Typically, men under 50 should have PSA levels below 2.5 µg/L, and men over 70 with benign hyperplasia might have levels as high as 6.5 µg/L. We assess PSA results alongside other symptoms, clinical findings, and age factors. Treatments for benign prostatic hyperplasia, like Finasteride/Propecia, can also reduce PSA levels by shrinking the prostate.

Early Detection and Decision Making

Detecting prostate cancer early with the PSA Test can help prevent serious complications and decrease mortality. But, the treatments might lead to side effects like incontinence or erectile dysfunction. That's why some men, especially older ones without significant symptoms, might decide against prostate cancer treatment. They weigh the treatment's potential side effects against their overall health and life expectancy.

High PSA Values: What They Mean

High PSA levels might point to cancer, but benign prostate issues are a more common cause. To confirm cancer, we recommend a transrectal ultrasound (TRUS) and a prostate biopsy. It's also wise to avoid activities that can temporarily raise PSA levels, like cycling or ejaculation, for at least 24 hours before taking the test.


How is the PSA test carried out?

Our PSA test is a home test kit. After ordering, we will send you a kit with everything you need to collect the blood sample. Then, simply return your sample to us in the pre-paid envelope.

Who should get a PSA test?

A PSA test is primarily recommended for men over 50 and those with a higher risk of prostate cancer, including men with a family history of the disease or African American men, who may start testing around age 40-45. It's also advised for men experiencing symptoms related to prostate issues, such as difficulty urinating, frequent urination, pain during urination, or lower back pain.

What happens if I fail to take the sample?

If you read the instructions carefully before you take the test and it should go well. Should something go wrong, you are welcome to contact us and we will help you.

How quickly will I receive my results?

Once we receive your sample, average response time is 10-15 business days to receive results.

Example Report

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Example of PSA Test


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  • Marcus
    In today's fast-paced world, health often takes a back seat. However, we're gradually seeing a shift in mindset where proactive health management is becoming a priority for many. The PSA Test by GetTested embodies this sentiment. For someone like me, who leads a hectic life with little time to schedule doctor appointments, the convenience of an at-home test is a game changer. The moment I stumbled upon GetTested’s PSA Test online, I knew I had to give it a try. Having heard the silent threats of prostate issues from friends and family, I felt a responsibility towards my own well-being. The kit arrived swiftly, encased in a discreet packaging which I greatly appreciated. Inside, I found meticulously detailed instructions which dispelled any initial apprehensions I had about the testing process. Every step was laid out coherently, ensuring I could collect the sample without any glitches. Post sample dispatch, GetTested kept me in the loop with regular updates. When the results were finally sent, they were far from the convoluted medical jargon one might expect. Instead, it was a well-structured report that broke down the PSA levels and contextualized them in a manner easy for a layperson to comprehend. In conclusion, the PSA Test by GetTested isn't just a test; it's an experience. It bridges the gap between medical necessity and user convenience. For anyone looking to take charge of their prostate health without the usual hassles of medical testing, this is your best bet. In a realm filled with numerous health check options, GetTested stands out, blending reliability with simplicity.
  • Derrick
    Convenient and crucial. GetTested's PSA Test is essential for proactive health checks. Fast results, highly recommended.

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