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Home testing is becoming more and more common


Home testing is both time-saving and convenient

With the development of technology, it has become increasingly common to perform various tests at home. This applies not only to pregnancy tests, but also to tests for allergies, infectious diseases, and many other conditions. The advantage of home testing is that it is both time-saving and convenient, as you do not need to visit a healthcare facility to perform the test.

Test yourself for allergies, nutritions and more

At, we offer home tests for several different conditions. With our tests, you can test yourself for allergies, nutritions, gut health among others. Our tests are easy to use and provide reliable results. In addition, you can order our tests discreetly online and receive them directly in your mailbox.

How does home testing work?

The principle of home testing is the same as for testing at a healthcare facility. You take a sample, such as a blood sample or a urine sample, and then send it to a laboratory for analysis. With our home tests, you can take the sample yourself and then send it to the laboratory in a prepaid envelope. The laboratory will then analyse the sample and send the results directly to you.

Are home tests reliable?

The reliability of home tests depends on the type of test and the condition being tested for. However, all our tests are CE-marked and approved by the European Medicines Agency(EMA). This means that they meet the same quality standards as tests performed at a healthcare facility.

When should I use a home test?

You can use a home test if you suspect that you have a condition and want to get a quick and convenient answer. However, it is important to remember that a home test is not a substitute for a visit to a healthcare facility. If you have symptoms or are unsure about the result of a home test, you should always seek medical advice.

Order your home test today

If you want to test yourself for allergies, nutritions, gut health among others. , you can order your home test at Our tests are easy to use and provide reliable results. Order your home test today and take control of your own health!



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