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GetTested offers a wide range of diagnostic tests, with or without a physician’s approval, empowering you to take control of your healthcare costs and monitor your overall health. Our affiliation with leading, fully accredited, ISO-certified medical reference laboratories in the region ensures the highest quality testing and accurate outcomes.

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Explore our bestsellers

Difficult to choose between all our tests? Here you can find some of the best selling tests among our customers. If you you need more guidance, please have a look at the symptom guide or contact us by email or chat.

How it works

Pick your test

Browse our selection of lab tests and get started with a personalized at-home test to measure biomarkers associated with your current symptoms and goals.

Take your test

Once you’ve chosen your test, we’ll send you a testing box with all the materials you need. Simply follow instructions provided, and send your sample back to us for analysis.

Get your results

After we’ve received and analyzed your sample, we’ll send you a report with your test results. You can access your results securely and confidentially through our website.

Retest over time

Retest your biomarkers at recommended intervals and compare your tests to see trends over time, track your progress and adjust your action plan.

gettested faq
gettested faq

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How do I use the home test kits?

Follow the simple instructions provided with your chosen test kit for sample collection – be it blood, saliva, urine, or stool – and send it back to us for analysis.

Why is test ID registration important?

Registering your test ID ensures the security and accuracy of your results, linking your sample to your personal account for confidential and precise reporting.

When will I receive my results?

Your test results will be available online within 5-15 working days after we receive your sample, accessible via a secure login on our website.

Are there discounts for multiple tests?

Yes, purchasing multiple tests at once qualifies for discounts, offering you a cost-effective way to conduct comprehensive health checks.

How reliable are the test results?

Our tests are conducted by accredited laboratories, compliant with EN ISO 15189 and ISO 13485 standards, ensuring dependable and high-quality results.

What steps should I take after getting my results?

Consult with a healthcare provider for detailed interpretation and advice based on your results. We also provide guidance and support for understanding your results and planning your next health steps.

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