APOC1 (Apolipoprotein C-I): APOC1 is a component of the apolipoprotein family, playing a crucial role in lipid metabolism and transport. It is associated with very low-density lipoproteins (VLDL) and high-density lipoproteins (HDL), contributing to the regulation of triglyceride-rich lipoprotein metabolism. APOC1 acts as an inhibitor of lipoprotein lipase and hepatic lipase, enzymes essential for the hydrolysis of triglycerides, thereby influencing lipid levels in the plasma. Its involvement in lipid metabolism suggests a significant role in cardiovascular health, where dysregulation can lead to conditions such as hyperlipidemia, atherosclerosis, and consequently, cardiovascular disease. Beyond its metabolic functions, APOC1 has been implicated in...


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