CUBN is a multifunctional protein primarily known for its role in the absorption of various nutrients, including vitamin B12 and proteins such as albumin, from the intestinal tract and renal tubules. This large glycoprotein acts as a receptor, facilitating the endocytosis of ligands bound to its extracellular domains. In the kidney, CUBN works in concert with the endocytic receptor megalin to reabsorb filtered proteins and prevent their loss in urine, thereby maintaining protein homeostasis. Additionally, CUBN plays a critical role in the transportation of vitamin B12 across the intestinal epithelium, a process vital for normal cellular function and metabolism. Dysregulation or mutations in CUBN are associated with various disorders, including vitamin B12 deficiency, proteinuria, and renal tubular disorders. Understanding the intricate mechanisms underlying CUBN-mediated nutrient absorption and renal reabsorption pathways is crucial for elucidating the pathophysiology of related disorders and developing targeted therapeutic interventions.


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