NEGR1 (Neuronal Growth Regulator 1): NEGR1 is a cell adhesion molecule prominently expressed in the central nervous system, playing a pivotal role in neuronal growth, differentiation, and synaptic plasticity. It is involved in the formation and maintenance of neuronal networks, contributing to cognitive functions such as learning and memory. NEGR1 functions as a mediator of cell-cell interactions, facilitating communication between neurons and supporting neural tissue structure. Its expression patterns and functional implications in neurodevelopment suggest a critical role in brain development and the pathophysiology of neurological disorders. Dysregulation or mutations in NEGR1 have been associated with neurodevelopmental disorders, obesity, and susceptibility to psychiatric conditions, indicating its significance in both brain function and disease. Understanding NEGR1's mechanisms and interactions provides insights into the complex processes of neuronal connectivity and offers potential therapeutic targets for treating neurological and mental health disorders.


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