Nickel is a metal found naturally in the environment, widely used in industry. While trace amounts are common and non-harmful, excessive exposure to nickel can lead to adverse health effects, particularly dermatitis and respiratory problems. It is also recognized as a potential carcinogen, especially in occupational settings with high exposure....


Who would benefit from testing their nickel levels?

Testing for nickel levels is advised for individuals with occupational exposure, such as those working in metallurgy, mining, and electroplating. People with chronic dermatitis or allergic reactions without a clear cause might also benefit, as nickel is a common allergen. Residents in areas with high environmental nickel pollution or near industrial sites should consider testing too.

What are symptoms of high nickel levels?

  • Skin allergic reactions, like dermatitis
  • Respiratory problems, including chronic bronchitis and reduced lung function
  • Nasal sinusitis and nosebleeds
  • Increased risk of lung and nasal cancers (in cases of prolonged high exposure)
  • Gastrointestinal distress, such as nausea and vomiting
  • Headaches and dizziness

What are common sources of nickel exposure?

Occupational exposure in nickel refining, metal processing, and electroplating industries is common. Environmental sources include nickel-contaminated soil and water, particularly near industrial areas. Nickel is also present in many everyday items like jewelry, coins, and stainless steel cookware, leading to dermal exposure.

How do you detox nickel?

To detox from nickel, the first step is reducing exposure, especially in occupational settings with appropriate safety measures. For those with nickel allergy, avoiding nickel-containing objects and choosing nickel-free products is crucial. The body naturally eliminates small amounts of nickel, but in cases of high exposure, intervention such as chelation therapy may be necessary, under guidance. A diet low in nickel-containing foods can also help reduce overall exposure.

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