POC1B (POC1 Centriolar Protein B): POC1B is a fundamental component of centrioles, essential cellular structures that play key roles in cell division, organization of the microtubule cytoskeleton, and formation of cilia and flagella. It is implicated in the assembly and maintenance of centrioles, contributing to the fidelity of chromosome segregation during cell division and ensuring proper cell cycle progression. POC1B's involvement in ciliogenesis is critical for the development and function of ciliated cells, which are vital for numerous biological processes including fluid movement in the respiratory tract, sperm motility, and signal transduction in the sensory organs. Mutations in the POC1B gene have been linked to a spectrum of ciliopathy disorders, which can manifest as a range of symptoms from retinal degeneration to kidney disease, underscoring the protein's significance in cellular and physiological homeostasis. The study of POC1B and its interactions within centrioles and cilia offers insights into the mechanisms of cell division and development, with implications for understanding and treating ciliopathy-related conditions.


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