SCNN1G (Sodium Channel Epithelial 1 Subunit Gamma): SCNN1G encodes the gamma subunit of the epithelial sodium channel (ENaC), a critical regulator of sodium balance and fluid homeostasis in epithelial tissues such as the lung, kidney, and colon. This channel is pivotal for the reabsorption of sodium from the luminal fluid, a process essential for maintaining blood pressure, fluid volume, and electrolyte balance. The gamma subunit plays a key role in modulating the channel's activity and response to regulatory signals, including hormones like aldosterone. Mutations or dysregulation of SCNN1G can lead to conditions affecting fluid and electrolyte balance, such as Liddle's syndrome, a genetic disorder characterized by hypertension due to increased sodium reabsorption. Understanding the function and regulation of SCNN1G and the ENaC complex offers insights into the pathophysiology of hypertension, pulmonary fluid clearance, and other related disorders, making it a potential target for therapeutic intervention in diseases associated with electrolyte imbalance.


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